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The Greatest.

the greatest

© 2008 will knight

© 2008 will knight

we will love you forever, phoo

Mr Phoo Boehl Collier

June 9th 1991 – December 21st 2008

There are no words to describe how awfully sad we are feeling right now. The love of our lives, Mr Phoo, passed away on December 21st, at 4:30 pm. He was the a true fighter to the end. Up to the night before he died, he was acting like the puppy he has been for 17 and a half years. When he first came to our lives, he was this little 11 years old fur ball that we were just puppy sitting, not knowing that he was being given up. Unsure of what was going on, he did not sleep at all for the first two nights, just sat in the edge of our bed, staring at the door & waited for his old family to show up. We had to earn his trust and respect and we truly hope he understands how very deeply he is loved – and always will be.

During the short 6 years and a half we had the privilege of being his parents, Phoo was the greatest kid in the universe. We tried our best to give him all the love he could take, and had plenty more in return. We will always cherish all the big trips we had together and how excited Phoo would be when entering a hotel room, or having a yard to run – and he seemed to want to keep running forever. But mostly we will miss all those little moments that made our lives worthwhile: the unexpected cuddling, the cute eye rubbing, the big dog snoring, his very nonchalant left-arm-first way of getting dressed, the certainty that he would get in the bathroom every time we took a shower and, in the later days, as we picked Phoo up to comfort him, how he would sleep peacefully on our shoulders, heart to heart. With his larger than life personality, we are extremely grateful he accepted us in his life and helped us through so much. We are sorry we could not find anything we could do to keep him healthy longer. We know that there will never be another other kid like Phoo and we just hope he is now safe and happy, running his gang from the great yard in the sky, and that he is able to smell again and to see again and to never feel pain again.

Thank you Phoo for making our lives brighter. Nothing will never be the same without you. Please know that there will not be a second in our lives that you are not in our hearts and minds and that you that will never ever be alone again.

We will always love you more than anything in the universe, kid.

You will be with us forever,

Mom & Dad


Pups on film! Unleash the shutterbug with Pet’s Eye View camera… Set the timer to shoot every 1, 5 or 15 minutes & attach it to the collar… Voila! You can now see the world through your kid’s eyes (well, sort of. You know what we mean, right?) Click on the camera to see a sample of the work of the very talented feline photographer, Lucy, from Fred Flare. Compatible with Mac & PC, the camera’s built in memory can hold more than 40 pictures at a time.

gimme more

Smells like beef! Tastes like beef! It is beef! This dried beef piece of perfection is bar none Mr Phoo’s favorite snack… Rosie’s Rewards are all natural, high quality beef treats made from 100% pure, range grown, hormone free beef that just so happens to taste really really good – as shown by our extremely picky eater, mid bite in the picture above. It is also awesome for being so easy to chew, recommended for kids all ages, especially for the older puppies with less teeth

i’ll be your mirror

The kid will love these dishes from these creatures. Not only they are fitted to his height (they are wall mounted), but also let him stare at his own awesomeness… The feeders come in a variety of breeds and, if you cannot find his mug in the list, the company is open to customization.

thank you, thank you, thank you

Hey! Mr Phoo here. It is Thanksgiving day and I know there is a turkey somewhere in this house ready to get cooked… But more importantly, I want to say many many thanks to Dr Yoshida and the awesome staff at the Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital for taking great care of me through all these years – and for many more years to come! Even though I might shake like a leaf whenever I go there, get feisty and complain about the thermometer, I really appreciate the love… You are the best!!!

Best wags!

Mr Phoo

big brother

I know, you would like to hang out with with kid all the time, but sometimes little pesky things like work get in the way… The SNIF Tag is a small device that, attached to the collar or harness, lets you keep tabs on what the kid is up to all day, even when you’re not around. When he’s home, you can track activities in real-time. When he’s out and about, the information is stored and uploaded as soon as he gets home, so you’ll know when he had a walk, played, or napped. Plus, you can see which other SNIF dogs he’s been making nice with…

oh, the stress

Created by a certified veterinary chiropractitioner, the Pooch Massoose is a tool designed to reduce muscle tension, releasing toxins and restoring the normal tone of kid’s musculature. That and the fact that the kid will be forever thankful for the tail wagging massage

fast one

We looked it up: this is a ground-eating double-suspension gallopping bench. That or we just love the architectural lines of the limited edition Resin Whippet Bench