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Pups on film! Unleash the shutterbug with Pet’s Eye View camera… Set the timer to shoot every 1, 5 or 15 minutes & attach it to the collar… Voila! You can now see the world through your kid’s eyes (well, sort of. You know what we mean, right?) Click on the camera to see a […]

gimme more

Smells like beef! Tastes like beef! It is beef! This dried beef piece of perfection is bar none Mr Phoo’s favorite snack… Rosie’s Rewards are all natural, high quality beef treats made from 100% pure, range grown, hormone free beef that just so happens to taste really really good – as shown by our extremely […]

big brother

I know, you would like to hang out with with kid all the time, but sometimes little pesky things like work get in the way… The SNIF Tag is a small device that, attached to the collar or harness, lets you keep tabs on what the kid is up to all day, even when you’re […]

oh, the stress

Created by a certified veterinary chiropractitioner, the Pooch Massoose is a tool designed to reduce muscle tension, releasing toxins and restoring the normal tone of kid’s musculature. That and the fact that the kid will be forever thankful for the tail wagging massage

privacy please

You are not the only one craving some me time… Enter Hunde Hus, an indoor dog house that doubles as a bedside table. The kid can snuggle up inside on a matching cushion, and whenever he is feeling more sociable, the terrace offers a lookout spot with a cozy sheepskin


Part of Pet Plus design project, this set of glasses will allow the kid to join in the toast

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

And then sometimes it is is an awesome rawhide treat! Chewgars are the official accessory of the Yorkie Pack…

miss manners would be so proud

Pick up a pen & write your next thank-you note the proper way… Mod Dog is a line of notecards and prints that features beautifully rendered pet silhouettes. They are aiming to feature all the AKC breeds soon, but can also work on special commissions for your one of a kind kid

how i found my best friend

This gorgeous leash from FOUND was created to raise awareness to pet adoption (proceeds from each leash go directly to the Louis Animal Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to fighting animal overpopulation and providing homes for animals who have not yet found their people). The individually-numbered, stamped brass tags on each leash serve as a […]

monster! monster!

Made of recycled fabrics that are soft on the mouth, but tough enough to last, the Monster Pull‘s tentacles – filled interior tennis balls and multiple squeakers – will entertain the kid for hours