Monthly Archives: September 2008


Part of Pet Plus design project, this set of glasses will allow the kid to join in the toast

sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

And then sometimes it is is an awesome rawhide treat! Chewgars are the official accessory of the Yorkie Pack…


Brando is the boss of the Greyhound Pack who showed us the ropes when we arrived to Palm Springs

the gangs of new yorkie does california

The Gangs of New Yorkie is on the road again! You will find us researching by the pool in the desert….

miss manners would be so proud

Pick up a pen & write your next thank-you note the proper way… Mod Dog is a line of notecards and prints that features beautifully rendered pet silhouettes. They are aiming to feature all the AKC breeds soon, but can also work on special commissions for your one of a kind kid