Monthly Archives: November 2008

thank you, thank you, thank you

Hey! Mr Phoo here. It is Thanksgiving day and I know there is a turkey somewhere in this house ready to get cooked… But more importantly, I want to say many many thanks to Dr Yoshida and the awesome staff at the Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital for taking great care of me through all these […]

big brother

I know, you would like to hang out with with kid all the time, but sometimes little pesky things like work get in the way… The SNIF Tag is a small device that, attached to the collar or harness, lets you keep tabs on what the kid is up to all day, even when you’re […]

oh, the stress

Created by a certified veterinary chiropractitioner, the Pooch Massoose is a tool designed to reduce muscle tension, releasing toxins and restoring the normal tone of kid’s musculature. That and the fact that the kid will be forever thankful for the tail wagging massage